AICAR: A Powerful SARM That Works Wonders in The Body

AICAR, or 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide, is a selective androgen receptor modulator that plays a vital role in maximizing the power to persevere. It stimulates the activation of the protein kinase, that encourages the performance of tasks such as regulating the levels of glucose for those suffering from diabetes and preventing the manufacture of cholesterol.

For bodybuilders and some athletes, it promotes glucose intake into the muscles while minimizing the use of insulin by the body. This encourages endurance by increasing energy levels to the muscles, therefore enabling them to work for long periods of time without wearing out.

picture of the molecular layour of Aicar

It is also a key element in the rapid pumping of blood to the heart muscles, making the user indulge in exercise for a long period of time.

Basically, AICAR works by triggering a powerful enzyme in the body, AMPK, which is a protein that controls cell response to a change in energy and greatly affects the activity of muscles. AMPK is regulated by a number of metabolic stresses such as intense starvation and exercise. AMPK is activated when there is a shortage of energy in the body, either due to a low intake of calories or vigorous exercise.

It is quite beneficial when taken in the appropriate dosage since it enables the cell to be healthy and strong, meaning that there is a very low use of energy. Additionally, AICAR does not require you to tone your body for it to take effect. Though it gives better results when taken and exercise is done.

The only drawback identified in this compound so far is its ability to increase the level of lactic acid in the muscles. This comes as a result of working the muscles beyond their capacity. The best remedy is to get plenty of rest after a workout to ensure that the muscles get enough time to recover.

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