SARMs: What They Are, What They Are Composed of and How They Work

SARMs is an abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It has been hailed as a steroid substitute that is allegedly the most effective when it comes to cycling steroids and post cycle therapy (PCT).

What SARMs Are Composed Of

SARMs consist of androgens, which are a special type of hormones that function like ligands that bind to cellular androgen receptors (AR). Ligands are a molecule connected to another molecule.

The androgen receptor is amalgamated in a complex signal transduction duct that eventually leads to a greater expression of specific genes.  Actually, it is this link to the AR that enables all prohormones and steroids to provide their muscle development properties.

Selective receptor modulator is a drug that has the ability to block or fuel related nuclear hormone receptor in different circumstances.  The fact that it can block or fuel a receptor in a tissue selective mode means that it is capable of replicating the important effects in one tissue while at the same time lessen the negative effects of either the natural or synthetic steroid hormones in other tissues.

SARMs differ from testosterone cypionate, in that they are more than 200 times more potent when it comes to muscle stimulation plus 80 times more selective for muscle.

SARMs are an improvement of anabolic steroids. They are thought to treat several ailments which steroids and other drugs treated in the past.  There are indications that they can replace androgen which can deliver similar positive results on muscle tissue as steroids. Statistics released by the Anti-doping agency (WADA) show 10% of athletes use SARMs, to improve their body performance. They mainly use Osterine which is believed to be a safe performance boost.

Research has indicated that SARMs have the ability to increase muscle and bone mass significantly in animals without having any adverse effect on the prostate.  The first phase of SARMs trials in humans have as well reported dramatic increases in lean muscle mass. SARM S-4 (Acetamidoxolutamide) and SARM S-1 (Ostarine, or MK 2866) are the two most talked about SARMs in the bodybuilding circles.

How SARMs Work

As we grow older, our stamina, power and skeletal muscle mass tend to deteriorate. This occurs as a result of loss of type 2 fibers and prevents us from functioning normally. It is possible to enhance skeletal muscle mass and strength in people with androgen deficiency with the use of SARMs.

SARMs can be administered orally or injected in dosages and expected to have the anabolic effect similar to that of testosterone. In addition to the ability to lower body fat and enhance lean body mass, it also allegedly improves the bone mineral density and motorized strength, depending on the dosage.

SARMs attach to similar receptors that old steroids like Dianabol and testosterone would link to. However, the disadvantages and side effects associated with traditional steroids and prohormones are not present. This is a new beginning in the development of muscle pharmacology.  This is because SARMs can be helpful in improving muscle mass and simultaneously help you cut body fat and enhance athletic performance incredibly.

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