Tanning Tablets vs. Sunbeds – The Truth

Sun tanning is a common act performed by people of all ages across the globe.  Men and women alike are committed to obtaining a deep dark suntan in the summertime, and many prefer to maintain their tan year round.  Certainly sunbathing on the beach can only be performed during the summer months and does, in fact, offer individuals a sure fire way of obtaining a tan.  Sadly, however, tanning with the UV rays of the sun is remarkably dangerous and risky and presents with high risks for skin cancer.

Such is the same for sunbeds.  Sunbeds use UV rays as well, and though you are not out in the sunlight and basking on a beach, the UV rays are mirrored after those of the sun’s and most definitely have mirrored effects as well.  They also provide a deep dark tan, like the sun’s rays, but they also present with serious health risks including skin cancer.

Why Use Tanning Tablets

Knowing the serious health risks and the risk of skin cancer that the sun’s rays and sun tanning beds present with, it makes only perfect sense that the health conscious, practical individual would want to avoid these methods of sun tanning.  After all, if you know full well there is a good chance of acquiring skin cancer by excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays or the UV rays used in sunbeds, then why would anyone want to take that chance, especially if there is a safer and more effective way of acquiring a tan available.


Sun tanning tablets require individuals to simply discipline themselves to take the tablets with water and allow the active ingredients within the tablets to work with the Melanin in our bodies and, over time, produce a healthy, all natural looking tanned look.  With no side effects and certainly no risk of skin cancer, it would seem that tan tablets are the safest method of sun tanning for both men and women alike.

Nowadays, there are so many products that can cause various cancers and surely research has proven that the sun’s UV rays and sun tanning beds contribute to skin cancer over time.  Sun tanning tablets, however, do not present with cancer risks at all which is why they are recognized as the safest method of sun tanning with results that you can surely brag about.


If you are looking for an effective, natural and safe way of acquiring and maintaining your sun tan all year round, and not just in the summer time, then surely go out and purchase a supply of sun tanning tablets so you can experience and enjoy the ideal, perfect tanned body you always wanted.   A tanned body tends to give individuals an added sense of self-confidence and makes people really feel good about themselves.  If you want to increase your self-confidence while being safe and looking good, then sun tanning tablets are an ideal tanning method for you.  There are a wide range of sun tanning tablets available on the market today but for the safest, all natural, truly top of the line sun tanning tablets that present with the best all round tanning results, visit www.riotanningtablets.co.uk today.  You’ll be glad you did.

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